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Welcome to our store. Feel free to look around and enjoy! This is the first table
that you will see when you walk into our new store. For each holiday the scenary will
change. From our chocolate lollipops to our foiled candies, you will find some
delicious chocolate candy throughout the store.

This is another table that was designed for St. Patrick's day. Included is the harp for
strumming along when you eat your candy. Make your selection of green, red and orange
foils for the special someone or just for yourself!!

Choose from our delicious assortment candy boxes that you have become familiar with.
Whether it is our most popular Family assortment to our newer Celebrity box. You are
sure to find a high quality, delicious box of chocolates right here at Russo's Inc.

This is a table from Easter. We have a huge selection of chocolate Easter eggs filled
filled with peanutbutter, fudge, cream and other delicious treats. You are sure to have
a celebration when you open up this box and find a chocolate egg suprise inside!
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